I was at Debbie's house the other day to check out a door she's thinking about refinishing. We went to a local hardware store to look at paint swatches. Oh How I Love Looking At Paint Swatches. Debbie probably thought I was getting a little kooky.
I was trying to explain some faux and decorative painting techniques I had done when living in Dallas, Texas. Then, DUH! I remembered I had some badly scanned photos saved to an internet site.

These are some of the stencils I did for clients where they wanted the original antique wallpaper design but tweaked to their new color palette. So many base layers, then stencil layers, and then color washes. The first picture is a dining room and it took me two weeks by myself. So much anxiety in the measuring and scaling of the design. Luckily I was able to meet the design up perfectly in a corner.

The mystic blue hallway. One of my favorites because it was so fun. Time consuming but fun. It's a finish that just can't really be captured on film. The first step was PRETTY scary looking. A lot of soft blues, a deep blue and a cream just blended up in a spotty way. Then layers of pearl finish and metalic paints. Then some soft metalic flogging and burnishing. Pretty crazy stuff. One of the clients college aged daughters asked if I knew what I was doing. Hehe!

It was often difficult to talk to clients who didn't know what they wanted, how colors worked together, or even how light and shadows affect colors. So many samples would have to be made. Not an easy job but I do miss it. Although, I don't think I could handle doing it fulltime again.


Mellisa - Chinook Jewelry August 13, 2010 at 2:10 PM  

Wow, what stunning wall treatments! I love that blue room :)

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