Beads 1-Up

"1-up (or “1UP”, 1-UP” etc.), pronounced "one up", is a term in console video gaming that commonly refers to an item that gives the player an extra life, to complete the game."

I was trying to think of a label other than repurposed, upcycled, or recycled since these beads are a little more than such descriptions. Magazines and (s)crap papers are cut and rolled. I can't imagine the amount of patience it would take to make a bead like this at home. SCREW THAT! Just buy 'em.

It's pretty awesome how the beading community and industry is getting on board with the 'green' movement. I often wonder where my beads come from, especially stones. If I see something that notes the origin as Madagascar, I keep away.

However, you don't always know the entire story. You probably wouldn't want to. I guess that could apply for most products.


Here's an older picture of my little old man Nick looking worried. The camera red eye adds a little extra something to his emoting.


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