I'm Not A Loser!

I have pictures to prove it. Last Saturday, Debbie and I went to a bead show presented by The Crystal Limit. They had a raffle box at the entrance. No way was I going to win whatever it was that required me to fill out a slip of paper. I quit reading those signs for raffles so long ago. Probably not the smartest thing.
OK. More importantly, today I get home to see a package waiting for me on the entry table thingy. Wait, no it was a heavy box and I was so confused because I just received all my Etsy goodies. It was truly a "WTF" moment.
The proof:

So there is all kinds of crazy stuff happening in this mix. I counted twenty four strands!

I have to give mad props to The Crystal Limit from Missoula, Montana. Yay!


Debbie August 3, 2010 at 5:18 PM  

I really think that that is my box of goodies! I put my ballot in first... crap! I am soooo happy that you won.
I guess it was worth spending so much money after all

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