Star Date: 64037.9

Pssh, I'm not that big of a nerd. I just Googled it.
I made some copper bead cages recently. They look neat once they have a patina going on. Well, I think so.
I've been trying to achieve the same look with red brass wire but the 'angles' aren't sharp enough. This is the copper:

Anyhoo, I purchased a handmade Boston Terrier pendant by Amanda Davie and I'm itching like crazy to get it. Etsy goodies in the mail are such a dangerous giddy/high.

Amanda makes awesome jewelry and components. I really really really hope she can make some more unique Boston Terrier items.
I never wanted to be one of 'those animal loving people' that have the bumper stickers, shirts, or sun catchers of their fave pets. But ya know, Boston Terriers are absolutely cool and they beat your kid off the honor roll. So now I've got pictures of my Bostons up in my office and a Boston Terrier computer wallpaper.

It's happening.

Found my older camera

and I found a silly bead video left behind! I'm not drunk in this video, just really dumb. Really. Please note the really dumb messiness! How did I live in such a mess?
R.I.P. Mrs. Messy House. =(

Out of my funk?

I received a little extra cash from the IRS recently. Which is completely weird since I had 'owed' them taxes and gave them a check. But it's like they came back and one upped me and was all like,"Hey lady! Look, you were wrong. Real wrong. So like here's the amount of wrongness you were translated into dollars with interest!" Can you believe those people?!
Yeah, so being all bummed out with this new cash, I had to calm myself down by purchasing some more beads and other handcrafted items from Etsy.
Then all of the sudden this multi-month long funk slightly faded. I'm watching the television and I think how amazing it could be to bead while 'watching' a movie. DUH REBECCA, use the TV table and the Ott Light. So it looked kind of like this:

It's kind of cramped and I keep bumping it. I have to refine this beading/TV thing. Or I could quit watch TV again. =/

I did manage to make a bracelet using some of my new fancy firepolish beads and twirling copper around chop sticks and such. The colors look off in this picture because I'm now living in this dark basement. Boo Hoo for me!

Picture please:

The Mykonos square beads appear to have such a rich color but in the real world they are so subtle and nicely compliment the focal glass bead. I wish there was some kind of high tech liver-of-sulfur pen that you could use to give small areas of copper a nice patina. Then you wouldn't have to mix up a new cup all the time. Life is real rough without such pens.
I think I'm going to go eat cake while sitting next to my beads now.

67 Degrees

This weather is awesome! Good thing I'm in a big brick building with no windows! I'm not missing living in Dallas, Texas right now.

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