Potato Patina!

I just bought a new book by Kerry Bogert called Rustic Wrappings: Exploring Patina in Wire, Metal, and Glass Jewelry. In the book, Kerry gives a fun recipe for giving a nice patina to brass or copper using salt & vinegar potato chips. I had to do this.

All you need:
Plastic Container
Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips
White Vinegar
Brass or Copper Findings
(and maybe a little extra sea salt)

It's easy. You crunch up the chips, add white vinegar to make them mushy and drop in the metal pieces. These pieces in the photo are from sitting over night. The longer they sit, the more green color the metal will develop.

I tried all kinds of metal beads and handmade wire chains and findings. Great colors from black, brown, red, deep green, leaf green and gold appeared.

There is a slight issue with the oil from the chips. I'm not sure how this will react with a sealant. But the patina does process through!

I like all beads, maybe.

So, I tried using different beads or pendants last week and I'm pretty happy with my funky necklaces. It's dangerous to actually make something inside a bead store. Too many choices. Expensive choices!
My bead pal, Debbie, showed up with a stash of metal links and even let me steal a few pieces to hang a pendant from.
I made this necklace from a lot of beads I had forgotten about. I can't decide if I should apply a patina to the metal disc that sits on top of the wood pendant. Should I change the necklace?

This weekend...

...is the weekend where I finally get my creating desk set up. This is going to be the weekend where I don't lay in my recliner because I'm in pain or I'm depressed about chemotherapy. Nope! This weekend I'm going to look at my furniture and beading supplies, get way overwhelmed and just move the stuff around anyways.

Update: I actually did this with most of the work being done by my awesome boyfriend. YeeHoo!

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