Etsy Find Of The Day

Well, I find something every day on Etsy that I love. This photograph by Etsy seller Raceytay is a wonderful mix of subtlety and fun.
I'm unable to ride the new fast rides at fancy amusement parks but I enjoy the old fashioned ferris wheels or merry-go-rounds. They are such beautiful objects of joy and heavy machines built so masterfully.

And of course here is a picture of me next to a wonderful merry-go-round in Seaside, Oregon. It's a spectacular machine.

Supporting Montana One Boston Terrier At A Time

I own, haha "own", two boston terriers. They're wacky fun little guys that always keep me laughing. Until they steal food or randomly pee on the carpet. I love them. I love my cat too.

However, I have to own all things made of BOSTONS! That's why I love this necklace by For The Cross Jewelry on Etsy.

The 'ugh, what are you doing to me' expression on this little dog's face cracks me up.


I should post pictures of my little wiggle dogs:

Sunday Morning Ramble

Ok, it's almost noon. I slept in waaay late. It's SUNDAY!

I've denied myself my several cups of delicious french press coffee I would usually have. However, I did eat two small cupcakes! What is up with that? If I eat a couple raw baby carrots that would put my little food intake world at balance.

I really want that coffee.

Sundays are troublesome for me. It's mostly a day off, even though I do work three hours at night. Which does jumpstart my workweek. Yuck! But I do get to hang out with people and teach basic beading. I feel pretty damn lucky to be able to do get paid for something related to beads. ALTHOUGH, technically it starts my work week off early. Sooooo.... I like my Sundays but it also feels as though the weekend is over too soon.

I still want some coffee.

Since yesterday I have been trying to watch Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson but the Netflix stream has cut out four times now. I don't think I've ever tried so hard to watch a movie. What I have seen so far has been pretty darn interesting. Just imagining working on typewritters again with all the correction tape and lack of spelling check programs puts me in a 'thank goodness I didn't have to do that' frame of mind. I would really be in trouble at my job as a secretary. Typewritters, record players, and even DVDs are all coming to pass.
Thank goodness beads have been with us for thousands of years.
OH Screw it! I'm getting that coffee, I'm finishing this movie and maybe I'll get this done before work tonight!

Yummy new bead store

Barbara Lewis, bead artist and jewelry maker, has started up a new blog along with a new look for both her Etsy stores. These new enamel beads she's selling are delicious. Really, seriously, very very YUMMY! I have to say that I am quite jealous of her new store designs. They are seamless in layout and this woman knows her color theory!
Check her blog out at:
You too can envy or just go buy her beads. Payday is rolling around and I will be visiting her shop to update my beading stash!
Check out her bead giveaway! The orange is mine, I hope!
Happy Saturday!

My wrist is too small!

Okay, my wrist is small. This makes my photos with the bracelets I have made to sell look goofy. I should probably hire a well tanned, large wrist model. =P

Computer fried!

Thanks to some 9 year old virus my main computer has fried up. I refuse to pay somebody to fix it, I just know it can be taken care of at home and that money could go towards buying more jewelry supplies. Thankfully, I am able to borrow a laptop and cruise Etsy. This was the weekend I was going to finally add my jewelry to my Etsy store, DyaniAdorn, but fate of the boyfriend using the Internet, I am without all my pictures. It also hasn't helped that my brain is on a three day weekend fritz and I am unable to remember passwords to my online photo accounts. I am making jewelry. Slowly. It's a slow weekend. This brain's ability to find the right beads (always need more ya' know) and techniques doesn't seem to be surfacing as easily as it all was last weekend. I did accomplish making two sets of earrings and necklace. Right now I'm in the middle of another necklace or maybe a bracelet, I can't tell at the moment. So, it's not all that bad. Etsy will just have to wait another day or two. Fingers crossed.

DyaniAdorn Jewelry

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