Computer fried!

Thanks to some 9 year old virus my main computer has fried up. I refuse to pay somebody to fix it, I just know it can be taken care of at home and that money could go towards buying more jewelry supplies. Thankfully, I am able to borrow a laptop and cruise Etsy. This was the weekend I was going to finally add my jewelry to my Etsy store, DyaniAdorn, but fate of the boyfriend using the Internet, I am without all my pictures. It also hasn't helped that my brain is on a three day weekend fritz and I am unable to remember passwords to my online photo accounts. I am making jewelry. Slowly. It's a slow weekend. This brain's ability to find the right beads (always need more ya' know) and techniques doesn't seem to be surfacing as easily as it all was last weekend. I did accomplish making two sets of earrings and necklace. Right now I'm in the middle of another necklace or maybe a bracelet, I can't tell at the moment. So, it's not all that bad. Etsy will just have to wait another day or two. Fingers crossed.


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