Sunday Morning Ramble

Ok, it's almost noon. I slept in waaay late. It's SUNDAY!

I've denied myself my several cups of delicious french press coffee I would usually have. However, I did eat two small cupcakes! What is up with that? If I eat a couple raw baby carrots that would put my little food intake world at balance.

I really want that coffee.

Sundays are troublesome for me. It's mostly a day off, even though I do work three hours at night. Which does jumpstart my workweek. Yuck! But I do get to hang out with people and teach basic beading. I feel pretty damn lucky to be able to do get paid for something related to beads. ALTHOUGH, technically it starts my work week off early. Sooooo.... I like my Sundays but it also feels as though the weekend is over too soon.

I still want some coffee.

Since yesterday I have been trying to watch Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson but the Netflix stream has cut out four times now. I don't think I've ever tried so hard to watch a movie. What I have seen so far has been pretty darn interesting. Just imagining working on typewritters again with all the correction tape and lack of spelling check programs puts me in a 'thank goodness I didn't have to do that' frame of mind. I would really be in trouble at my job as a secretary. Typewritters, record players, and even DVDs are all coming to pass.
Thank goodness beads have been with us for thousands of years.
OH Screw it! I'm getting that coffee, I'm finishing this movie and maybe I'll get this done before work tonight!


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