Sooo those polymer beads...

...that I posted about awhile ago. Here they are. I finally got the camera out today and took the SD card out and plugged it into this laptop and TA DAH! Something happens that was far too easy to take so long! DUR!
I'm rather surprised that I actually got them to a decent round shape just by rolling them in my hands. I mixed up some of the colors and some colors were thrown in just because they were next to me. Not as exciting as pizza but I'm pretty happy with my first bead try.
Now the dumb part:
I coated them with a high gloss acrylic sealer from my art supplies stash. Duh, I should have just left my house to buy what I've read on tutorials when it comes to coats of varnish. Now this varnish is slightly gummy and I don't think it's going to harden. I don't know if they are worth sanding again and varnishing them correctly. Times are tough, I tell ya!

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