Am I Alone?

Don't know if anybody is out there. This blogging experiment is very hard for my personality type. I'm often too harsh on myself in general and the unsporting little voice in my head tells me this blogging is an internet version of me talking to myself. Yeah, I talk to myself too often. Whatever 'too often' would be. Who knows?!
I've had some polymer clays sitting around in my craft stash for a year or two. Never did much with it because of the baking time. Couldn't bring myself to buy a dedicated oven or heating an entire oven for a few pieces of clay. Well, last night I got over that. I made some beads. Let me say these are very basic beads. Decided I would go with some brick reds, translucent, and caramel browns.
The work involved in making such simple beginner round beads amazes me. My respectometer has clicked up some notches for all those polymer clay artists out there. Getting those pesky bead holes to lay straight is a little frustrating. Then again, I could be trying too hard on my first real go at making polymer beads.
I sanded one bead so far. Amazingly enough, I had extra time to kill this morning! I sanded it up to 600 grit paper and buffed it. But it still lacks the high gloss look I'm aiming for. I read that floor wax (what? really? weeeiiirdd....) is the way to get that glass like shine.
I don't have pictures at the moment but I will post some tomorrow to see if I can get any critiques from this space-like and quiet world of the Internet.

So, my real point here is to ask about tutorials and books. What's your favorite beginner or bead polymer clay book? Do you have any favorite internet sites with neat little tricks for this kind of media?

I'd love to know. It's pretty fun stuff to mush your hands into. I get the feeling one of the tougher aspects of polymer to learn will be the color mixing and coordinating.
Okay, back to 'work' here during this Spring Break lull.


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