Ok, I'm still moving and packing items. I had FIVE trash bags of clothes that I donated to Goodwill! Moving is a great time to reflect on what we actually need as to what we have collected for whatever crazy reason we had at the time. The always popular "I'll need this someday!" excuse is hard to let go of. Probably more difficult to let go of than one of my 100 or more tubes of acrylic paint. Seriously, what am I going to do with all this paint before it loses its umpf!?
Books. Those are trouble. I love my books but there are just too many. How do you tell a book that you still love it but it just has got to go? Currently, I have four stacks of books that I should have taken to Goodwill weeks ago but of course they are still sitting in the bedroom.
BEADING. OH BEADING. I haven't beaded for almost two months now. Basically, forever! However, yesterday my good friend Debbie, the bead-buying-pusher, tipped me off on a bead store that was closing in town. The sale was just amazing. 75% off loose beads and 50% off strands! There were even firepolish picasso finish strands for $1. ONE DOLLAR!
Let me type that one more time.
Ok, so I walk into this store I've never been in and the first strand I pick up I fall in bead love with. It's a bead I haven't seen before. Beautiful egg shaped, microfaceted, deep black fire agate. I see a tag of $40+ and think about the damn budget I'm on. I put the strand down. Some lady comes in and picks up the same strand and mentions how beautiful it is (YES IT IS GORGEOUS!) The shopkeeper says, "Oh, that's only $7.50."
Important lesson learned: Just grab all the freaking beads you like until check out and then find out the real price or you will be kicking yourself.
The End.

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