Oh you know what time it is!


Recently, it seems as if birds are ruling the world of jewelry design but this regal faced rabbit has inspired me. Maybe I have also been inspired by the all the pre-Easter bunnies I’ve been seeing.

Pulling from the color palette, I see a warm Indian Yellow blended into a beautiful mix of tangerine, antique rose and gorgeous indigo blue. The rabbit with these colors remind me of a bright spring season. I’m getting a little too impatient waiting for the tulips in the back yard to bloom. They are so full of yummy candy colors of vermilion, orange, or yellow filled with big centers of maroon or the deepest purple.

Now I have to find the beads and parts to bring all this to fruition. Pulling it all together is the hardest part. Finding the perfect bunny charm or just the right stone or glass or shell or wood or ceramic... ah ah agh so many choices!

Rabbit Art - Precious Pumpkin Pie Dollface by Amber Alexander


missficklemedia.com March 30, 2010 at 7:43 AM  

These are wonderful!
I wish you many happy hours of clay bead making!

DyaniAdorn Jewelry

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